7 Chapels

26 March -  11 July 2021

An exhibition on seven chapels? Which chapels are these anyway and are they so extraordinary that they should be honoured in a special exhibition?

The seven chapels are an exciting contribution to the contribution to contemporary architecture in the diocese of Augsburg. They were built between 2018 and 2020 along cycle paths near the Danube. Most of these chapels are therefore located in the district of Dillingen.

The Siegfried and Elfriede Denzel Foundation realised the idea and concept of Dr. Peter Fassl, local historian of the district of Swabia, the Seven chapels project.

The chapels want to set a religious architectural architectural landmark that breaks with the tradition of chapel building chapel building in a contemporary design and further developed. The following architects were commissioned for the architects Hans Engel (Augsburg), Wilhelm Huber (Betzigau), Alen Jasarevic (Mering), Frank Lattke (Augsburg), Prof. Christoph Mäckler (Frankfurt a. M.), John Pawson (London) and Prof. Volker Staab (Berlin). won.
The architects had two specifications: The chapels should also serve as a reference to the foundation, which originated from a timber wholesaler, the chapels should and have a cross.

The exhibition attempts to show through photographs, plans, drawings, models and various materials used
materials used to capture the radiance of these materials used, and also to convey them by means of a film
film made especially for the exhibition.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a book published by Hirmer and there is an exciting accompanying programme, which will also include a visit to the chapels on site.

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