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en face - Harry Meyer im #MuseumStAfra

13 March - 23 August 2020

"en face" means "seen from the front" or "opposite". In the context of this exhibition project, however, Harry Meyer's works of art are not only "opposite" the ecclesiastical art in the Diözesanmuseum St. Afra from seventeen centuries; rather, the artist has fully engaged with sacred art. In his works, which are entirely composed of colour, Harry Meyer focuses in a special way on man and nature, the dualism of becoming and transience. He is concerned with capturing the elemental and the elements, which are reflected motivically in the depiction of specific phenomena of nature, such as mountains, rain, the seasons, the stars in the night sky or light. The naturalistic rendering is subordinate to this goal. There is a spiritual-religious level inherent in man and nature, which is visibly reflected in all of the artist's works and makes the juxtaposition of his colour-intensive artworks with historical sacred art so extremely appealing and fruitful.

The exhibition will feature some of the artist's existing works, which, in their interplay with selected works of art from the Diözesanmuseum, open up new perspectives on familiar Christian themes. In addition, a large number of new works have been created that are the result of Harry Meyer's intensive engagement with Christian themes.        

Individual exhibition rooms, such as the glass hall with the Ottonian bronze portal, have been transformed into walk-in installations that invite visitors to experience the juxtaposition and coexistence of contemporary and historical art face to face.

Due to the current situation, the planned accompanying programme has been cancelled for the time being.

The illustrated exhibition catalogue can be purchased in the museum shop.

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